Get To Know Me

Before you read this about page, grab a glass of wine, get into your relaxy pants and get ready to click some links as you get to know me :)

I think a good blog lets you feel like you are sitting on a friends couch chatting or out on the deck having a few drinks. That’s what I strive for here. Sitting down and talking about tasty creations that come from my kitchen.

I’m the mother of 2 boys who keep me on my toes. My oldest is my sweet, caring, lovable 10 year old. My youngest is my 7 year old clown who gets his bluntness from his dad and his sarcasm from me. My husband and I have been married for 15 years. When I’m tempted to fly away with some idea or another, or when my temper get’s the best of me, he keeps me grounded. Or tries to. I think it’s a harder job than he ever anticipated.

What’s the blog about? Good question. It’s a mix of snarky mommy meets mad kitchen scientist-without the smarty sciencey part, but with some really kick ass food!

I love cooking and creating new things. I enjoy sharing those creations with other people. I love sharing stories and experiences about food too: the first time I ate it, the best place I’ve had it, the time I was making it and it turned into a disaster (yes, it occasionally happens).

I can be frugal, I can be  resourceful, I love cooking, coming up with drinks, and baking. I have way more cookbooks than any one person needs, but I’m always on the lookout for more.   All of that put together is me.

I’m a firm believer in enjoying a glass of red wine after the kids get settled in for the night. Don’t have red wine? I’m sure white will be just fine 😉

This is the place where I’m putting down some of my favorite recipes so I’ll finally stop misplacing them! As you’re reading through my posts, feel free to let me know what you think. Comment or drop me an email. I’d like to get to know you too :) I’m also around on Facebook and a little bit on Pinterest.


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