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My Little French Sweetheart

Happy Sunday everyone! Today Vito’s back with some more street food! You know the best part about this series? Vito does the cooking (it’s been amazing!) and the writing (also pretty great, right?). Win for me, and I hope you guys are enjoying it too. Take it away, Vito.  In …

chicken and dumplings


You know how sometimes you want something for dinner that everyone will eat and no one will complain about? Usually I’m ready to have the “eat it or don’t” discussion with the boys, but sometimes I’m just not up for it and really want something everyone will enjoy. Or at …

French Onion Soup

Fall is Here – Time for Soup

Old man winter is letting us know he’s just around the corner. School has started, so apparently we don’t need the sunny days in the 80’s anymore. While I love summertime, with it’s abundant produce, the weather has changed and it’s time to enjoy soups, stews, casseroles, and the hardier …

Pita Pizza

Easiest Dinner Ever Made

“Really?” That’s what Vito asked me when I told him about this post. Followed by “Why?”   Yes really. Why is because it’s simple. We are all busy. We all have late nights. We all need easy, quick meals that the kids will eat and we will be okay with …

1_Sprouts with avocado and bacon

An Old Veggie With A New Twist

I’ve heard many people say “everything’s better with bacon” and for the most part, I agree. Get some thick cut bacon and fry (or bake) it up, and you could put that on almost anything and it would just make it better. Bacon brings a certain salty, smoky-crunchiness to the …