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Let’s All Share A Little

This last bit of summer should be fun, right? For the next few weeks everything for my family is going to be mixed up and crazy, so I figured we should mix things up here too. Arden’s school starts next Wednesday, and Emery’s on the following Monday. School shopping’s complete …

delicious cheese and a few of my favorite wines

The Best Thing in Life is Cheese

This is a sponsored post. I was totally given cheese in exchange for my honest opinion about the cheese. I’m always happy to both share my opinion and eat cheese. The best thing in life is cheese. That’s a saying, right? No? It should totally be a saying! Cheese has …

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Trying New Foods

I love trying new foods. It’s usually quite rewarding. The food rules we’ve tried to impress on the kids are to always try new foods, always try familiar foods prepared in a different way, if you have the opportunity to try something new or different-try it! Sometimes we have to …

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First one

I guess the first one is the hardest to do, so let’s just do it. Usually I’m snarky, and often times I’m bitchy; I’m always opinionated, and I’m constantly sarcastic. Usually I make myself laugh more than anyone else. I cook, I read, I do most of the mom things …