Easiest Dinner Ever Made

“Really?” That’s what Vito asked me when I told him about this post. Followed by “Why?”

Yes really. Why is because it’s simple. We are all busy. We all have late nights. We all need easy, quick meals that the kids will eat and we will be okay with too. We all need a night of no complaints. Enter, Da Da Da Daaaa! Pita Pizza.

Anyone can make it, and kids devour it. They don’t care that the crust isn’t homemade, the sauce is out of a can, and the cheese was pre-shredded. My kids don’t care that their are only 2-3 toppings available. They are thrilled to be having pizza!

So, here it is. Pita pizza. Get some good pitas (ones you love). I like the kind they carry at Costco, personally. Get your favorite toppings. Don’t go skimpy here. Get quality stuff you don’t mind your kids eating. I pulled out homemade Italian sausage and caramelized some onions (cooking these can be done ahead of time). At dinner time, preheat your oven (with a pizza stone if you have it) to 500 degrees. Pull out the pitas and sauce them up. Topping, topping, topping. Cover with cheese. Into the oven they go for about 5-7 minutes then Bam! Slicey slicey, here’s your dinner.

Pita Pizza

Now, I go all out on pizza sometimes, complete with homemade crust and sauce. But other nights, I don’t have time so I go with pita pizzas and don’t feel like a complete slacker for the quick meal I just gave to my kids.

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